We are multi-cultural. We are multi-generational. We are a brand with roots decades-deep in Hawaii. We are very enthusiastic about collaborating with others who share our identity and who we can learn from.

Swiss Inn Restaurant: 2000 - Grandma's birthday

Swiss Inn Restaurant 2000

Uncle Martin & Aunty Jeanie's house: 2018 - Thanksgiving

Swiss Inn Dressing Timeline


Chef Martin Wyss brings his mothers recipes with him when he immigrates to our islands. He hones his culinary skills as a sous chef with the Kahala Hilton Hotel. After 18 years he retires as Kahala Hilton Hotel's Executive Chef.


Chef Wyss, his wife Jeanie and sister-in-law Sharon Fujii, open Swiss Inn Restaurant. Serving authentic Swiss cuisine with aloha spirit, they quickly become a jewel of the dining scene in Honolulu.


1st Retirement. After a successful 18 year run the Swiss Inn following is as strong as ever, making closing the restaurant doors all that more difficult. The demand for Swiss Inn remains high, resulting in the bottling of the original house dressing: Swiss Inn Dressing - Original


2nd Retirement. Chef Wyss and Jeanie pass the torch to nephews Taisei and Kenji Lee. 12 oz bottles of Swiss Inn Dressing - Original hit the shelves of select supermarkets on Oahu.


Jennie Wyss, Chef Wyss's daughter, opens Swiss Hibiscus in Portland, Oregon. Jennie, along with partner Tammy, continue to serve authentic Swiss cuisine with generous amounts of aloha. 


Online Store opens. 12 oz bottles of Swiss Inn Dressing - Original hit the shelves of supermarkets statewide. 1 gallon units available for restaurants and hotels. New Flavor: Swiss Inn Dressing - Spicy. R&D into clean label products. Community outreach initiative - We Are: A video series - launches.


Episode 1:

WE ARE: Entrepreneurs Of Hawaii United By The Desire To Provide Food Security